What is an electric island?

isla electrica

The supply of electricity doesn’t reach every geographical region around the world in the same way. There are inhabited and industrialized remote locations with complex terrains that are difficult to access or are isolated from terra firma or production plants. This means their supply is more complicated than in the rest of the world, and … Read more

Solar energy and photovoltaic self-consumption

Energía solar y autoconsumo fotovoltaico

The Sun makes life on Earth viable and, from the beginning of time, it has provided us with illumination and warmth. A little over a century ago, we were able to harness its energy to convert it into one of our most precious assets, electricity. How do we generate electricity from solar radiation?   There … Read more

New Contracts in the Renewable Sector

paneles solares y molinos eolicos

In accordance with international climate agreements, we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 7.6% annually until 2030 if we want to uphold the commitment acquired by the countries participating in the COP21 Paris Agreement. To achieve that difficult challenge, an unprecedented change must be carried out in the energy sector and, therefore, we must make … Read more

Tecnatom signs an agreement for the wind sector with ACM

Molino de viento en campo eólico

Tecnatom and Automated Computing Machinery (ACM) have signed a memorandum of understanding whose purpose is to serve as a development framework for the cooperation of both companies in the renewable energy sector, particularly wind energy. ACM is a Spanish company with international references and projection, whose experience in wind energy dates back to 2001 and … Read more

Tecnatom has participated successfully in the second inspection of internals baffle bolts at Bugey Nuclear Power Plant (France)

During the month of December the inspection of the reactor vessel internals baffle bolts was successfully performed at Unit 5 of Bugey Nuclear Power Plant, within the framework of the multi-annual contract with EDF. The first such intervention had previously been carried out in Unit 4 of the plant. Tecnatom has participated with its inspection … Read more

Tower type thermal-solar simulator

Tecnatom presents its new generic simulator for the renewable energies sector, which rests on the company’s experience in the development of simulators for the power industry, where Tecnatom is a reference at international level. In recent years Tecnatom has developed a range of simulators of varying scope for electricity-generating plants using thermal-solar technology. These developments … Read more

Serious Games as a training tool

Tecnatom presents a new product aimed at improving the experience of the user in the area of training. In recent years, gaming tools have proven to be a highly efficient environment for the training of personnel performing their work at all types of industrial facilities. These tools enhance the attitude of the trainees in response … Read more

ETboxMB: portable inspection instrument

As part of its on-going effort to innovate and improve its inspection systems, Tecnatom has developed a new non-destructive testing system known as ETboxMB. This equipment is part of the ETbox family and completes the available range of products with a new portable, lightweight, battery-powered system with Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to its small size and … Read more

Digital technologies and monitoring

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