Pegaso Project

TECNATOM participates in the development of the project PEGASO- TECHNOLOGIES FOR ADVANCED SUSTAINING SURFACES IN INDUSTRIALLY OPTIMIZED PREIMPREGNATE, which aims to address research in intelligent, automated and high-cadence manufacturing technologies, as well as new materials that improve the carbon footprint of aircraft and recycling technologies that ensure the circular economy. PEGASO is focused on researching … Read more

Tecnatom participation in the development of IAEA documents

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) held at its headquarters in Vienna between August 30 and September 2, 2022 a technical meeting called: “IAEA Technical meeting on Instrumentation and Control and Other Advanced Digital Technologies for the Support of Plant Performance Optimization”. 52 participants attended the meeting and 34 of them did it in person, … Read more

Use of drone applied to off-site nuclear power plant inspections

Last July, Tecnatom successfully carried out a demonstration for the performance of a visual inspection using a drone. This was the first experience carried out outside a nuclear power plant. This inspection was previously carried. out by conventional means, which has allowed a comparative analysis of the results to be made.Although from the technical point … Read more

Tecnatom is associated with AEMENER

Tecnatom is associated with AEMENER, the Spanish Association of Energy Women, whose main objective is to promote female vocations in the STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and to contribute to raising social awareness of the rational and responsible use of energy. AEMENER was born in 2017 having as its mission to achieve a … Read more

Support for the renewable integrated control center

Control rooms are essential for the safety and correct operation of any electric power plant. They monitor and analyze everything related to the process, detect incidents that occur during generation and take the necessary actions in accordance with operating procedures. It happens that, unlike conventional generation plants such as thermal or nuclear power plants, in … Read more

Advances on the ITER simulation platform project

ITER Organization awarded in May 2021 to the consortium formed by Tecnatom and Cosylab the contract for the supply of the simulation platform with which the ITER fusion plant simulator will be developed. Leading simulation companies from ITER member countries participated in the bidding process. The tandem Tecnatom, expert in simulator development and leader of … Read more

The Minister of Defense visits Tecnatom’s ultrasonic and radiographic inspection systems at the Albacete Air Force Base

Last August the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, visited the facilities of the Center of Excellence in Non-Destructive Testing of the Spanish Air and Space Army at its Albacete Training Facility. She made a productive visit during which she received explanations on the operation of the two robotic systems supplied by Tecnatom, the ultrasonic inspection … Read more

Report on Activities 2021

One more year, Tecnatom presents its Report on Activities for the 2021 financial year, which includes the most relevant milestones of the Business Group during the past year. In this report you can find out the consolidated financial figures for both Tecnatom S.A. as of all the subsidiaries of the Tecnatom Group. A summary of the most important … Read more

Modernization of the Distributed Control System of the NPP Full Range Simulator.Cofrentes

Tecnatom has carried out an upgrade of the full-scope simulator at Cofrentes nuclear power plant to modernize the Honeywell distributed control system to the same version available at the plant. As part of the modernization, the entire control system Honeywell TPS has been migrated to an ACE (Application Control Environment) controller. This migration has been … Read more

Integrated control centers – optimizing asset operation efficiency

What are Integrated control centers? The solution traditionally used to operate geographically dispersed power plants is to have an independent control center located at the site of each facility. This solution has major limitations in terms of taking advantage of the synergies related to the operation of the different facilities. An evolution of the traditional … Read more

Digital technologies and monitoring

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