Training services in the Oil & Gast sector

In technological industries process optimisation is one of the keys to success. To achieve this, appropriate personnel training is critical for excellent workplace performance.

Tecnatom develops and implements training solutions for technological companies with high quality and safety standards, obtaining better results for our clients.

The cornerstone of these processes is the inclusion of the client throughout each phase, meaning that the solutions are adapted to their needs.

Our training model is centred around a safety culture which has been employed in accordance with the SAT (Systematic Approach to Training) methodology. This system is based on personalised solutions, which are flexible and easily implemented into the workplace meaning that our clients reduce costs and training times.

How do we Perform Training Services at Tecnatom?

Our training model combines face-to-face classes with the use of advanced technological tools; virtual reality, 3D models, interactive diagrams and various types of simulators.

Our instructors are highly qualified professionals who take part in the analysis, design, preparation, teaching and assessment of the training plans, as well as in the development of the tools needed to facilitate learning.

In addition to technical training, professionals also receive the skills training needed to carry out their work safely and efficiently.

Our international team of instructors works all over the world in accordance with the highest industry standards and is focussed on improving profits. This means we can offer high quality services at the best possible price.

Our experience at Tecnatom

Our instructors are professionals and have participated in the operation, commissioning and maintenance of numerous electric power plants across a broad range of technologies.

At Tecnatom we have made the most of the synergy gained from all of these sectors over the last 60 years to incorporate better practices and technologies into countless Oil & Gas plants all over the world.

Thanks to this hands-on experience, our instructors are able to offer a comprehensive but specialised training, specific to each industry, addressing the professional needs of all our clients.

Online training

Tecnatom’s training operations have hardly been affected by the COVID-19 crisis since we have always opted for the latest online training technologies.


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