We help industrial facilities all over the world optimize their processes, improving safety and efficiency.


At Tecnatom we have spent over 60 years supporting industrial facilities all over the world offering our own technology based solutions that optimize operation and maintenance processes, improving the investments made by our clients.

Since its creation in 1957, Tecnatom has been carrying out activities in several diverse industrial sectors such as the processing, railway, shipping and defence sectors. We have a broad skillset for multiple nuclear reactor technologies which can be fully adapted to the needs of each individual plant.

International Presence

Throughout its 60 years of experience, Tecnatom has gained huge experience in the processing, transport and defence sectors. Our international experience, with projects in over 40 countries, allows us to have the tools and versatility necessary to adapt to any type of project, with any technology and in any country in the world.

Tecnatom has diversified and adapted its knowledge and technological developments to a wide range of industrial markets benefitting from the synergy gained from the thousands of projects carried out in nuclear plants all over the world. This has allowed us to transfer the benefits gained from high quality safety standards in the nuclear industry to other industries.

How do we add value?

Technological development and R+D investment are part of Tecnatom’s DNA. This allows us to provide customised solutions for the specific needs of our clients as well as providing high quality, international standard technical developments while also guaranteeing a very low level of technological obsolescence and resolving all the client’s needs throughout the lifespan of the facility which all contribute to maintaining the competitivity of the facility.

Our objective is to offer our clients innovative solutions which allow them to improve the operation of their plant in terms of safety, efficiency, reliability and availability. We aim to improve production rates, reduce unwanted occurrences and unplanned waiting times while guaranteeing worker safety and looking after the environment are priorities for Tecnatom.


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