Tecnatom holds 2023 Inspection and testing day

After a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic and the limitations derived from it as regards the holding of face-to-face meetings, the Inspection and Testing day was held on February 23rd at the Tecnatom Headquarters in San Sebastian de los Reyes. On this occasion the event was a monographic one on valves. The acceptance was … Read more

Our simulation technology at the service of the multi-unit SMR

HFE experiment supported by the Multi-unit SMR simulator (Courtesy of IFE)

Earlier this year we announced that Tecnatom would develop a multi-unit SMR simulator forthe Institute for Energy Technology, IFE, to be used for control room operation and monitoringresearch. Now that the simulator is in operation, Operational challenges of SMRs Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) are a type of nuclear fission reactor, smaller in size and powerthan … Read more

SMRs: Challenges Associated with Instrumentation and Control. Case of the Argentine CAREM reactor

INTRODUCTION Nuclear energy is recognized for most countries as part of the solution to climate change. One of the main challenges of nuclear energy is the large initial investment required and the extensive time required for its design, construction and licensing. For this reason, there is great interest worldwide in the development of reactors that … Read more

Integrated control centers – optimizing asset operation efficiency

What are Integrated control centers? The solution traditionally used to operate geographically dispersed power plants is to have an independent control center located at the site of each facility. This solution has major limitations in terms of taking advantage of the synergies related to the operation of the different facilities. An evolution of the traditional … Read more

Official presentation of the manifesto for offshore wind energy

More than 170 companies and organizations, including Tecnatom, have added their signatures to this Manifesto to promote the development of offshore wind energy in Spain and to ensure that our country maintains its position as world leader in floating offshore wind energy. Among the signatories to the Manifesto are the main actors who share the … Read more

Tecnatom to supply an SMR-based simulator for the Institute of Energy Technology

Small Modular Reactors (SMR) are considered as a viable technology in the medium term for the decarbonization of energy systems. Their modular design allows mass production that would greatly reduce production costs, while their advanced fuel cycles will enable more efficient use of natural resources, which could supply electricity demand for centuries. For this reason, … Read more

Monitoring of Power Transformers

transformador potencia

What is a transformer? A transformer is an electrical machine with two or more windings. The magnetic induction between these windings makes it possible to adapt the electrical energy to the different voltage levels of the grids to which it is connected: grids for generation, long-distance transmission and low and intermediate voltage level distribution for … Read more

 Facilitating the digital transformation of the energy sector

Director? The Dynamic Instructions Editing Tool Requirements (DIRECTOR) initiative was launched in early 2019 in the USA under the leadership of the  Idaho National Laboratory (INL). Its mission was to bring together the best experts from four fundamental sources: utilities, vendors, research laboratories and standards institutions, with the objective of developing standards in the field … Read more

Digital technologies and monitoring

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