Tecnatom to supply an SMR-based simulator for the Institute of Energy Technology


Small Modular Reactors (SMR) are considered as a viable technology in the medium term for the decarbonization of energy systems. Their modular design allows mass production that would greatly reduce production costs, while their advanced fuel cycles will enable more efficient use of natural resources, which could supply electricity demand for centuries.

For this reason, many countries are betting on these technological developments and, within this framework, the Institute of Energy Technology (IFE) of Norway has awarded Tecnatom a contract for the development and supply of a simulator based on SMR.

IFE was already an user of the i-PWR simulator, that Tecnatom developed and supplied to the IAEA some years ago, thanks to its free access from the website of this organization.

Although until now this free simulator had met their needs, IFE decided to have their own simulator not only for validate their HFE, but also for test the management and training of multi-event sessions of a simulator of up to 12 units. Which led to them contacting us to support them in this project.

The scope comprises a reliable and configurable simulator with a variable number of units based on generic SMR designs. This simulator will allow IFE to conduct research associated with the operation and monitoring in a multi-unit control room, with highly automated control systems. In addition, the simulator will also allow the development of studies associated with cybersecurity.

This simulator will allow simulating in real time all the phenomenology occurring in each of the selected units, not only in normal operating conditions, but also in abnormal and emergency scenarios, as well as in multi-unit events. The simulator will communicate with different operation and monitoring interfaces (human-machine interfaces) and will be able to transfer all the necessary variables to new interface systems to test their designs, as well as the response of the operating personnel.

Tecnatom is clearly one of the best partners to count on in the projects related to the development of SMRs, both in the area of HFE and simulation.

Simulation is a fundamental tool in the energy sector, where it is used not only for training purposes, but also as an engineering and operational support tool. In recent years, Tecnatom has supplied simulators for different purposes and scopes to clients in Europe, Asia and America. This new contract with IFE consolidates us as one of the international references in this technological field.


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