Success in the development of Air Navigation simulators

“Success involving projects of such difficulty, could not be achieved without the level of knowledge and experience that we have at Tecnatom”. We talked with Rubén Jimeno Morón, project manager for the development of SIMENA, a pioneering training simulator developed by Tecnatom for ENAIRE. We take advantage of his experience and to find out a little … Read more

3 key aspects underlining the need for an airport installation simulator

Having gained insight into certain key characteristics of the airport installation simulator, SILA, thanks to one of its end users,  Serafín Ruano of AENA, we shall now learn more about it from our colleague  Ramón Izquierdo. In this interview, Ramón, a master in simulator engineering and manager of the project, tells us what makes the … Read more

Airport electrical installations simulator, a constantly evolving development

In 2005 Tecnatom developed the airport electrical installations simulator (SILA) for AENA, a solution that is being widely used and that has achieved a high level of acceptance among its users. However, installations are modernised, technology evolves, the needs of the users change and our simulation capabilities never cease to grow. For this reason, in … Read more

Interview with Serafín Ruano (AENA), user of the SILA simulator 

We have interviewed Serafín Ruano, an IADA (Aena Learning and Development Institute) Trainer and Airport Maintenance Competence Checker who belongs to the AENA Recruiting and Training Division. Serafín has been involved from the very beginning in the development and operation of the SILA Airport Facilities Simulator developed for AENA by Tecnatom and is one of … Read more

Machine Learning for NDT, beyond expert systems

inspeccion visual

Attempts have been made for several years now to introduce the breakthroughs made in artificial intelligence in almost all technical areas. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) was not to be an exception. These inspections analyse the integrity of components or materials by interpreting different signals or images. In this way, an expert in a given type of … Read more

Tecnatom working with Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin Tecnatom

The US Company Lockheed Martin Corporation, a major supplier in the defence sector at world level, has awarded Tecnatom a contract for the supply of an automatic inspection system. TAURUS twin robot inspection system The scope of the project consists specifically of a TAURUS twin robot inspection system for the modernisation of the company’s plant … Read more

What are airworthiness inspections all about?

What is an airworthiness inspection? An airworthiness inspection, performed either during the manufacturing phase or in service, consists of analysing the different components of a commercial or military aircraft in order to determine that it is in good working order, as established in the directives set out by the competent official body. Who determines the … Read more

Electrical airport facility simulators

simuladores electricos aeropuertos

What is the purpose of electrical system simulator training? Given the complexity of airport electrical systems, the result both of the technology used and of the need to include redundant systems providing a high degree of availability, it is necessary to draw on highly qualified and competent professionals capable of responding safely and accurately to … Read more

Dry-Coupled Wheel Probes. Beyond the coupling medium

taurus roldana

As was explained in the first article in this series, which dealt with non-destructive testing, ultrasound can be transmitted through a medium, be it gaseous, liquid or solid. However, they experience special difficulty when it comes to passing from one medium to another if these present characteristics as dissimilar as air and metal. For this … Read more

Ultrasonics. Beyond the coupling medium


Non-Destructive testing: the need to see inside Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is very widely used in different industrial sectors for the analysis of the interior structure and integrity of parts and components without causing them any type of damage. It was during the 1930’s that ultrasonics was first used in industrial applications, more specifically in the … Read more

Digital technologies and monitoring

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