simuladores electricos aeropuertos

Electrical airport facility simulators


What is the purpose of electrical system simulator training?

Given the complexity of airport electrical systems, the result both of the technology used and of the need to include redundant systems providing a high degree of availability, it is necessary to draw on highly qualified and competent professionals capable of responding safely and accurately to the failure of components or automata.

The benefits of training

The training of the professionals responsible for operating and maintaining the electrical systems of airports is essential to ensure that their knowledge and skills are kept updated.

It should be remembered that these systems incorporate a high degree of automation and reliability and that, as a result and given the low number of manual interventions that occur, there is a risk that when such interventions are required the skills, qualification and safety necessary to respond adequately to the emergency are not available.

The benefits of simulation

To some extent training may be carried out on site at the facilities themselves, but only up to a point. Situations of failure cannot be induced in the systems themselves since, among other things, they are subject to high availability requirements and any undue manoeuvre might pose a risk to high cost equipment.

This is where training by means of simulators replicating the facilities takes on a fundamental role, since it allows equipment failure scenarios to be replicated in the presence of expert personnel, in order for them to better understand these situations without the installation itself being compromised.

What are blackout recovery simulators?

One of the aspects to be included in an electrical system simulator is training on the recovery of electricity supply in the event of a loss of off-site power.

This training is vitally important since it deals with a critical situation in which a safe response must be provided in the shortest time possible, especially in relation to the vital electrical systems of the airport.

The training will include the learning of concepts and skills allowing for the recovery of electricity supply to the main systems using the means available at the airport (diesel generators, batteries…).

The importance of airport safety

The electrical systems of airport facilities, which are critical installations, incorporate an essential characteristic in their design and operation: safety.

Design is taken into account from different standpoints and measures drastically reducing failures, such as the use of certain automata and the redundancy of critical elements, are adopted.

However reliable the design, any incorrect operation or the failure of a component might give rise to a loss of power that, depending on the system affected, might cause situations of risk, not only for the equipment and the continuity of aircraft operations but also for the safety of people.

The use of simulators contributes to airport safety as it allows for training for this type of situations, on the one hand reducing the risk of incidents and, on the other, making it possible to operate correctly to re-establish normal conditions if they occur.


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