Cofrentes Nuclear Power plant simulatior update


Nuclear power plants and facilities are designed, built and operated with the highest levels of safety and strict quality standards. Therefore, they are among the safest facilities in the world from both a physical and technological point of view.

Nuclear safety aims to minimize the probability of an accident occurring and to mitigate its consequences, in the unlikely event that such an accident were to occur.

Given the highly multidisciplinary nature of nuclear power plant personnel, it is important that both workers and managers undergo continuous training throughout their careers in order to obtain and assimilate the basics that will enable them to work efficiently and safely.

Simulation is a key technology for the safe operation of nuclear power plants. Full-scope simulators have been used for decades in nuclear power plants and continue to be used intensively for the training of plant operating personnel. The effectiveness of this system for continuous training requires periodic updates of the simulator systems, such as the one implemented last August for the Distributed Control System (DCS) in the Cofrentes nuclear power plant simulator. From Tecnatom, not only do we supply full scope simulators at international level, but we also have a group with enormous experience in simulator maintenance and updating. Thanks to these continuous innovations, the plants ensure the acceleration of learning, an improvement in the performance of the workers as well as the profitability of such an important asset as knowledge.


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