Tecnatom performs leak testing at Cernavoda (Rumania)

cernavoda_800Tecnatom has been awarded a contract for the in situ performance of leak testing on HEPA and active carbon filter banks for the ventilation systems of Cernavoda nuclear power plant, in Rumania.

The service will consist of measuring the efficiency of the particle filters of these systems.  The work is part of the framework contract that Tecnatom has with this Rumanian plant for the performance of such activities. The contract covers activities to be performed at the plant itself and tests to be carried out in the Tecnatom laboratory on samples of active carbon from the plant.

Along with this work, Tecnatom will also undertake the maintenance of snubbers during the plant refuelling outage scheduled for May 2016.

Rumania currently has two Candu 6 technology nuclear power plants in operation, and the construction of two new units has recently been reactivated thanks to support from the electricity utility China General Nuclear.


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