Tecnatom signs an agreement with Chinese CNNC for Decommissioning of nuclear plants

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Following the meetings which were held in China in June, a high level delegation of the Chinese companies CNNC -China National Nuclear Corporation- and their subsidiaries CEPC – CNNC Environmental Protection Corporation- and  CEPE – CNNC Environmental Protection Engineering—have visited  Tecnatom these days.

CEPC and CEPE are in charge within CNNC group of the areas of D&D, Radwaste and Spent Nuclear Fuel Management, Disposal and Transportation, Reprocessing  and associated Operation and Maintenance Services

This visit, has allowed to continue deepening in the mutual knowledge of our capabilities and to establish the cooperation framework by signing and MoU between CEPC and Tecnatom for different areas: Technical training and certification,  Decommissioning and operational waste management, Use of digitalization tools for supporting the operations of NPP under decommissioning, Dosimetry and radiological protection, Consultation & Engineering Services, and Technological developments (robotics, control rooms modifications, etc).

This agreement strengthens our activities in China, where Tecnatom has been established for more than ten years with several companies and has been collaborating in the Chinese astonishing nuclear program.


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