Multi-purpose robot-operated system

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tecnatom-iga-800pxTecnatom presents its new multi-purpose robot-operated inspection system, IGA.  This is a remotely controlled omnidirectional vehicle capable of carrying probes for the performance of visual, ultrasonic (conventional and phased-array) and eddy current inspections on multiple components critical for the operation of electricity generating plants.

Its versatility, small size and low weight allow IGA to adapt to the complex geometries of various plant components.  By means of this new equipment it is possible to carry out inspections on piping (from the outside and interior), nozzles, reactor vessel wall, thermal power plant boilers or tanks, among other components.

For the performance of visual inspections, the equipment incorporates the MicroVis vision module, developed by Tecnatom and capable of withstanding high radiation fields.

This new and versatile equipment incorporates a simple positioning system, is simple to operate and does not require any assembly activities in the inspection area.  This makes it possible to reduce inspection times and the times that the operators are required to remain in high dose rate areas, thereby improving the efficiency of the processes.


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