Tecnatom will carry out training and inspection up to the decommissioning of the Spanish nuclear power plants

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The companies ANAV and CNAT, the operators of the Ascó-Vandellós II and Almaraz-Trillo nuclear power plants respectively, have selected Tecnatom to undertake training, inspection and testing services from now until the end of the operating lifetime of these facilities.

With the signing of the corresponding framework contracts, Tecnatom consolidates the rendering of these services for the 6 Spanish PWR reactors, in accordance with the operating schedule set out in the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC).

The strategic approach adopted in the agreements reached with the plants makes it possible to guarantee the availability and quality of the resources, plan operations in order to improve the efficiency of processes, continue to provide backing for on-going improvement and use technological innovation to leverage the optimisation of services and streamline their administrative management.

These agreements come in the wake of another of similar scope signed recently with Iberdrola for Cofrentes nuclear power plant. As a result, Tecnatom will undertake training, inspection and testing for all the Spanish plants.

The signing of these contracts constitutes a further step in the role that Tecnatom has played historically in the Spanish nuclear programme, in which it has participated since 1957. The company has in fact provided training and in-service inspection services at Spain’s nuclear power plants from the very beginning. These activities are part of its core business and contribute to the safe and efficient operation of the Spanish nuclear power plants.

We should like to celebrate our long-standing relationship with ANAV, CNAT and Cofrentes NPP and express our thanks for the trust they have placed in Tecnatom for this new stage of their plants’ operation.


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