Improved sustainability of combined cycle plants with TecOS START

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Electricity prices in Spain are setting historical records and might rise even further in the coming months. The main reason underlying this price increase is the CO2 emissions market (with a ton now trading at above 56 euros), along with the high price of natural gas on the international markets, reaching a record price in excess of 45 euros/MWh on the TTF market (the Dutch spot market used as a reference in Europe). This increase in gas prices is the result of both a growth in the consumption of this fuel and of stockpiling of liquified natural gas (LNG) reserves by China.

It would be difficult to speculate on the future evolution of natural gas prices. However,  the experts agree that  CO2 will continue its upward trend, since it is seen as an asset of secure value for investment funds.

In this scenario, with continuous start-ups and shutdowns of combined cycle plants, it is necessary to strictly tailor the start-up cost of these facilities, since even at times when energy process reach their highest values on the electricity market, there are dozens of combined cycle installations shut down and competing to be tied.

In this environment, the TecOS START solution helps to optimise combined cycle plant start-up, reducing fuel consumption and emissions of CO2. In this way it allows those plants that install it to benefit from important competitive advantages.


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