Development of technology for CANDU nuclear reactors

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Tecnatom completes the project for the development of multi-technique inspection modules, MIMTECH, for the inspection of the calandria pressure tubes of the CANDU reactors.

These modules can detect axial and circumferential cracks, both internal and external to the pressure vessel, as well as measuring distances between the pressure vessel itself and the calandria tubes, combining different types of probes and techniques (ultrasound and eddy current) to ensure the integrity of these critical components of the Canadian reactors.

This development has been done in collaboration with Nucleoeléctrica Argentina and has been validated at the Embalse nuclear power plant, owned by them. This project has allowed us to advance in the technological development of eddy current and ultrasonic probes, applying it to CANDU reactors and consolidating our position as an international reference in Non Destructive Testing of nuclear critical components.



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