Collaboration between Tecnatom and The Polytechnic University of Cartagena

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At the beginning of this year Tecnatom signed a collaboration agreement between the two entities to provide training sessions for students of the Master’s Degree in Energy and the last years of the degree program of the School of Industrial Engineering.

This training, which in turn forms part of the international training provided by the UPCT and the European University of Technology (EUT), was given on subjects relating to Non-Destructive Testing in the area of Inspection and Testing Services (DSIP) by our most highly accredited specialists. It was given between March and April, covering an introduction to NDT and the more specific ones on the diagnosis of medium voltage motors and on the application of eddy current technique.

An element which has boosted the diffusion of our experience in this field has been the agreement reached between UPCY and Tecnatom to open the training sessions also to representatives and technicians of the companies in the area, traditionally linked to the petrochemical and shipbuilding sectors and to the associated supply chain.

This has enriched the profile of those attending the courses, giving the opportunity to bring our experience to the field of real application, which is consubstantial with our training vocation and our way of understanding the sharing of knowledge between the Academy and Industry.


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