Ultrasonic inspection software

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Tecnatom has developed a new software package for ultrasonic inspection known as LISSA. This is a new product based on Tecnatom’s multidisciplinary in-the-field experience of the performance of ultrasonic inspections on a wide range of components and in different industrial sectors.

Particularly significant among the main characteristics of this new software are its robustness and stability, its ease of use and short learning curve, as well as its competitive price.  Furthermore, it has been developed to be fully compatible with the SONIA electronics modules used by Tecnatom for the performance of its inspection services.  Specifically, this software is compatible with the FPR8 and FPR8-A modules.

This new development is especially adapted for the inspection of flat and cylindrical surfaces and both transmission and pulse-echo techniques may be used.  This type of inspections covers most of the services required in the nuclear and industrial sectors.


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