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Upcoming webinars

Thursday 22 October

Vuca vs Vuca

Coral González, Javier Mourelo, Susana Ortega Castillo, Joaquín Bau y Manuel Fernández Ordoñez

Past webinars

Tuesday 29 September

Traceability solution and management of the main components of a gas turbine.

Cesar Martínez y Mateo Ramos
Thursday 16 July

The importance of looking after Cooling Towers

Ignacio Marcelles, Jose Alberto Peláez y Francisco Javier González.
Tuesday 14 July

Interactive Browser of technical plans showing information on your equipment. It is a Google Maps of your plant, with links to document, process data, downloads,…

Javier Calle y Mateo Ramos
Thursday 09 July

Simulators for Autonomous Electrical Systems

Patricia Romero
Thursday 02 July

Induced Current. How do they work and where can I use them for the best benefits?

Angel García Bueno y Efrén León
Tuesday 30 June

Apply Predictive Maintenance to your plant equipment and enjoy the benefits.

Isabel Parrado y Mateo Ramos
Thursday 18 June

Do you still not have your motorized transformer / generator / motor ? This will help you to control the reliability and security of your critical electrical equipment and save on maintenance and unprogrammed stop costs.

Andrés Tabernero
Tuesday 16 June

Solution for the comprehensive management of inspections and testing in thermal and industrial plants, optimizing costs.

César Martínes y Mateo Ramos
Tuesday 09 June

Do you want to increase the reliability, security, and performance of your equipment, all while reducing maintenance costs?

Mateo Ramos y Javier Calle
Tuesday 26 May

Monitoring the thermodynamic performance of your plant and identifying any variables. Easily save on fuel costs and maximize production.

Mariano Martin y Mateo Ramos
Tuesday 19 May

Optimize the start-up and adjust your estimates through the application of Machine Learning and expert knowledge.

Mateo Ramos y Javier Gil
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