Operation Support

Present in the design, installation and maintenance with safe and efficient processes

What is the Operation’s Digital Support?

In today’s changing times, nuclear plants need to be more efficient and competitive without disregarding security, and there are digital solutions to help address this challenge. Tecnatom offers its clients digital transformation solutions for operational, supervision, maintenance and inspection tasks out in the field as well as in the control rooms and fleet monitoring centres, including:

  • A computerised procedure system (EASE-t-pro)
  • Electronic Work Packages (eWP)
  • Interactive diagram viewer
  • Technical Specification Monitoring (ETFs)
  • High Performance Supervision Displays
  • Efficiency Monitoring System (TecSOLCEP)
  • Inspection Management System (WebISI)

These solutions improve the status knowledge of a plant and its assets, providing a better situation-based awareness, helping with decision-making and reducing human error. They need to correspond to the existing systems and compliant with cybersecurity requirements.

Tecnatom also provides highly valuable operational services for plants such as alarm engineering or monitoring services from its own Monitoring Centre.

How do we Support Industrial Installations?

Tecnatom combines its profound plant operation knowledge with the latest available digital transformation technology to design and develop solutions that resolve operational challenges in nuclear plants. It focuses on systems that are highly adaptable to the specific needs of each plant or designs based on selected problems.

Tecnatom’s solutions include the application of techniques including machine learning or analytics to provide functions such as self-diagnostics. This therefore simplifies decision-making based on the status knowledge of the plant and its assets. The use of mobile apps (on tablets and wearables) has converted field operators into Digital Workers.

Our Support Operation and Active Management Services

Tecnatom is the ideal partner to embrace the digital transformation of nuclear plant operations with. It provides a much needed comprehensive vision of the plant and has extensive knowledge of the technology available.

Tecnatom provides its clients with solutions that allow for:

  • The simplifying of decision-making based on early symptom detection and the valuation of existing data
  • The improvement of process efficiency reducing overall operational costs
  • Increased performance, production and service life of the assets based on set objectives
  • Increased safety of the nuclear installations with solutions designed to reduce human error and cognitive load.
  • A huge amount of user experience from the process and application knowledge of the Human Factors Engineering criteria.

These are solutions fully comply with the NEI’s initiative of Delivering Nuclear Promise (DNP), which sets ambitious cost cutting targets for the operation of nuclear plants to guarantee their economic viability.

The application of solutions at fleet level means that the lessons learnt, and the good practices used to work towards this improvement, can continue.


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