Inspection Services

Assuring the integrity of all the components in a nuclear plant

What do we offer in our Nuclear Power Plant Inspection Services?

Our objective is to always help our clients meet their high safety standards, proposing efficient inspection solutions based on global services which reduce costs and increase process efficiency.

Tecnatom has the capacities to develop NDT inspections for all the critical components of a nuclear plant, from the reactor vessel to the vapour generators, including internal parts, nozzles, pipes, heat exchangers, capacitors, nuclear fuel etc.

How do we develop our services?

We design NDT solutions in continuous collaboration with our clients, identifying the planification which best suits the availability of the plant.

Once the inspection has been assessed, inspection solutions are identified which contain both the applicable procedures in accordance with the required regulations, and the definition of the inspection system (mechanical system and NDT equipment).

At Tecnatom we have our own technology which has allowed us to develop numerous inspection system technologies, both automatic and manual, allowing us to provide services using all types of NDT methods: ultrasounds (UT Air, laser generated or Phased Array), induced current, liquid penetrators, magnetic particles, radiology (digital and conventional), thermography, etc.

In the inspections carried out by our NDT experts, we used our highly versatile inspection systems, which are able to adapt to the diverse geometrics and thickness of components.

Our systems can be modified as per the specific needs of our clients to comply with complex inspection requirements. To do this Tecnatom has a technology development department which allows us to successfully address the new requirements in accordance with regulations, or we can adapt new inspection technology which is applicable to certain components.

Our vast international NDT experience means we demonstrate enormous flexibility and agility when taking on any NDT inspection technique challenge.

What is our added value?

Nuclear Reactor Vessel Inspection

At Tecnatom we are international leaders in the development of Non-Destructive Testing technology, from its specification and inspection technique development to the implementation thereof in robotic and autonomous systems, including the development and manufacture of Hardware and Software of ultrasound and induced current equipment. This technological independence allows the robotic equipment we use in our inspections, which is designed and manufactured by our experts, to possess enormous versatility which facilitates the inspection process, increasing efficiency and reducing the time and costs for our clients.

This is all possible thanks to our sustained faith in R+D investment, conscious of the fact that a solid technological base is fundamental for our growth. In addition to our technological capacity we also have profound knowledge and experience in the science of Non-Destructive Testing, which make our experts global leaders as nuclear plant system and component specialists, regardless of the type and technology present or the requirements of different international standards.

At Tecnatom we know that technology, knowledge and experience are the keys to optimizing efficiency in NDT inspections, and contribute to the safe and optimum operation of nuclear plants.


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