Component Engineering

Development, installation and maintenance of the most competitive facilities in the sector

What is component engineering?

Component engineering aims to provide services and highly technological products to verify and guarantee the structural and operational integrity of industrial installations, contributing to their optimum functionality in terms of safety, performance and economic efficiency.

Effectively, the component engineering carried out by Tecnatom has the following objectives:

  • To monitor and optimize the system and component health of the industrial facilities, minimizing the effects of ageing and wear and tear etc.
  • To guarantee the reliability of the equipment ensuring that they comply with their security functions even in the most difficult of situations.
  • To undertake and facilitate component maintenance strategies.
  • To apply the know-how and experience of our experts to resolve any problems present in the facility, root cause analysis and the proposal of the best corrective actions.
  • To develop, implement and maintain programs aimed at improving the reliability, performance and efficiency of components.
  • To supply equipment and replacements such as valves, actuators, engines, shock absorbers and other equipment.
  • To optimize replacement management in nuclear facilities to guarantee the replacement thereof and to provide solutions for any obsolescence issues or absent suppliers.
  • Technical support for the reparation or replacement of components.

 How do we carry out nuclear component engineering?

Tecnatom’s vast experience in the field of nuclear component engineering has lead us to divide our activities into three different sections:

  1.  ISI Engineering and Life Management: Aimed at providing a comprehensive vision of service inspections to guarantee the secure and efficient operation of nuclear plants. This improves the reliability of equipment and optimizes the management of industrial assets thanks to a better understanding of their status.
  1. Replacement Supply: with the objective of offering our clients different solutions which are adapted to their needs for the supply of original replacement equipment, whether that be the development of alternative compatible equipment and replacements via the reparation of the original or via the updating of the original. This allows us to maintain or improve, as required, the characteristics and specifications which are desired by the client. Tecnatom offers the supply of valves (of any type), engines, shock absorbers, the redesign of equipment and alternate replacements for obsolescence management.


What is our added value?

Thanks to our extensive experience of over 60 years in the nuclear sector, we understand the operation processes of nuclear plants, providing detailed knowledge to the needs of our clients which guarantee a technological independence from suppliers.

By applying the latest technology, we introduce comprehensive support services for inspection and maintenance that drastically reduce stoppage times on the equipment and consequently also reduce costs.

We develop technology lines aimed at optimizing maintenance, preserving the structural integrity of components, managing ageing and permitting the long-term operation of industrial plants. We provide solutions most suited to the needs of the equipment and replacements of our clients, being able to develop alternatives in the case of any obsolescence problems arising.


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