Calibration Laboratory

The importance of a calibration laboratory in a power plant

Instrument calibration is an essential element in process control as it allows us to guarantee that the instruments used to calibrate other second grade instruments are metrologically monitored and therefore provide readings that are in accordance with their specifications.

We provide our instrument calibration services in laboratories or on-site in order to adapt to the needs of our clients.

Tecnatom undertakes these activities in compliance with the general UNE-EN 17025 “test and calibration laboratory competency” standards, as well as with the ISO 9001 legislations, which establish the quality levels demanded for a management system.

What services do we offer?

Businesses must be certain that the results produced by their measurement equipment are correct, as key elements related to the quality or safety of the production processes depend on them. Furthermore, obtaining trustworthy data allows us to make realistically based technical decisions. Otherwise, we may be offering a product or service that does not meet current standards, fails to meet customer expectations, or in the worst case scenario causes health and safety problems for consumers.

Instrument calibration is essential in the monitoring of measurement equipment and in ensuring its reliability. It is also recommended that maintenance tasks are regularly carried out to guarantee that they are in perfect working conditions. These procedures are based on comparative results obtained with a general reference which correspond to the International System of Units, as well as a measurement uncertainty.

In Tecnatom we have a team of ENAC certified metrological experts:


We are specialists in calibrating absolute pneumatic pressure ranging from 10 Pa to 7MPa. We also calibrate relative hydraulic pressure up to 142.6 MPa.

We are able to calibrate a large variety of instruments including transmitters, transducers or digital and analogue gauges.


Podemos calibrar sin problemas los caudales de gases, con unos rangos de 0,006 l/min a 1000 l/min. También ofrecemos servicios para rotámetros, aparatos de flujo laminar, contadores, turbinas o caudalímetros másicos.


We calibrate thermocouples, RTD, digital reading thermometers as well as other types of devices related to dry-bulb temperature within a range of 0 °C to 550 °C.


The calibration of all types of hygrometers within a range of 5% to 95% of R.H.


At Tecnatom we calibrate hot wire anemometers, Pitot tubes and other similar instruments, with a range of up to 45 m/s.


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