Component engineering

¿What is the basis of component engineering?

The objective of component engineering is to provide highly technological products and services. This enables us to verify the structural integrity of our plants ensuring safety during operation and increasing efficiency and productivity on a large scale.

At Tecnatom, we believe that component engineering should be based on:

– Monitoring and optimizing the plant system and component status, with tasks aimed at minimizing the effects of ageing and wear and tear.
– Guaranteeing the equipment works within the safety parameters established by the manufacturer, including in the most demanding of industrial environments.
– The application of our know-how based on our problem solving experience, analysing the origin of the incident and suggesting better solutions.
– The development, installation and maintenance of programs aimed at increasing the efficiency, performance and reliability of components.
– The optimization of replacement parts and frequently used products, emphasising the importance of their respective replacement and resolving any obsolescence related problems.
– The supply of equipment and replacement parts such as valves, engines and shock absorbers, actuators and other apparatus.
– Constant technical support for the reparation or replacement of faulting equipment.

How do we carry out nuclear component engineering?

Tecnatom is a company with over three decades of experience, which has lead it to divide its component engineering activities into two different sections:

1. ISI Engineering and Life Management: This enables us to have a comprehensive vision of the state of the plant, meaning that service inspections will be safe and efficient in any industrial sector. This means the equipment will be more reliable and the company’s resource management will be greatly improved due to an overall greater knowledge thereof.
2. Replacement Supply: we provide our clients with formulas adapted to their specific needs, using original replacement parts or manufacturing compatible alternatives in the case that the original manufacturer no longer produces said parts. All equipment will be optimized as per the specifications, such as valves, engines and shock absorbers. We can also redesign equipment to bring it up-to-date with the modern world.

What is our added value?

Tecnatom has been in industrial plant component engineering for over 30 years, meaning that we can offer the best, fully guaranteed services. Our support work means that inspections and maintenance work can be carried out without machinery being stopped for a long period of time, which will provide considerable savings and an increase in production.

Thanks to our maintenance optimization, we are able to maintain the structural integrity of the equipment, reducing the effects of wear and tear and operating the equipment in reliable and safe conditions within the industrial plants.


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