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Tecnatom and remote working


Working from home, remote working, tele-working….we’ve had to include these terms into our daily lives over this last week in compliance with the new quarantine orders to stop the spread of Covid-19.

One week of remotely working from home

Remote working has become one of the best ways to protect our team and their families, as well as helping to stop and decrease the effects of the virus.

At Tecnatom, we have been working from home for a week now, carrying out our tasks as close as possible to our regular rhythm to continue to offer our support and help to our clients and their activities. 

We can’t forget that most of Tecnatom’s clients belong to the energy sector, and therefore have strategic installations that need to continue to operate. 

Tips for working from home

To cope with these next few weeks of confinement without suffering, our colleagues have offered us a few tips. Whether it be getting dressed or taking a break, here are some of the best tips from our #TecnaTeam: 

 “We still need to keep to a schedule, as while being at home can be more flexible, it is important to define achievable work objectives each day/week. In my case every hour and a half / two hours I go for a walk to the balcony and my hallway as a sort of “round trip”, Consuelo Fernández de Miguel

“Put on some red lipstick, seriously, do it! And listen to music, lots of music, there are some great festivals on social media”, Paula Mateos

“Get out of your pyjamas, get dressed properly, turn your camera on in meetings so we can see our colleagues and not feel lonely”, María José Rodriguez

“I have a really silly tip: I hang my Tecnatom lanyard around my neck as I would do normally. That way, whenever I leave the room where I’ve set up my Tecnatom Home Office to get a glass of water or whatever, and I see that there is a lot of laundry to do or dishes to wash, I look down at my lanyard and head back to work at my Tecnatom Home Office. Keep up the good work everyone!”, María López

“I am trying to stick to my Tecnatom routines, mid-morning coffee break (chatting with a colleague if possible), and an after-lunch coffee break to avoid the temptation of the sofa. I’m even eating the Tupperware meals I would usually take to Tecnatom, on a plate though at least 🙂”, Victor Aydillo

 “I think it is important to keep “connected” with colleagues through Teams. Not just so you can contact people from the company, but also so that others can contact you, that way we replace the phone calls or meetings in person. It is also interesting to update your status to say if you’re available or not. We also need to stay informed through Keops and the Yammer channels that are of most interest to us. Obviously, when it comes to working from home, the Digital Worker – Remote Working channel is highly recommended”, Juan Carlos Ruiz del Portal

“Set a time to finish your working day. It seems obvious, but sometimes at home we keep on working and never stop. Then do some work out routines”, Eladio Ruiz

Drink water! It’s so important. Have your bottle beside you at all times…because if I didn’t have to go to the bathroom, without any distractions or telephones or people, I wouldn’t get up from my seat all morning”, Marta Álvaro

“It is really important to coordinate with your partner to look after the children, if not it is impossible for both to work at the same time with the kids…” David Martín

“Don’t forget your home ergonomics, even if they’re improvised!” Guillermo López

“One thing that works for me is a hoody and headphones. I work in the living room where I’m not alone, there’s noise, people moving around, etc. When I need to concentrate I put my hood up (to minimise my peripheral vision) and put my headphones on (mine are noise-cancelling), helping me to separate myself from everyone else”, José Zarco

”Working out at home, even a little each day, is vital. Everybody should go at their own pace and capacity, but we need to keep moving!” Manuel Fernández

“With the kids, at the moment we have a daily work schedule, “breaks”, gym times and mealtimes. Each of us (where possible) have our own space. We are continuing our routines as if we were going to work or school as normal: cleaning, wearing our normal clothes, etc… ” Borja Bravo

An opportunity for digital transformation

At Tecnatom, we see this situation as an opportunity to continue to consolidate our digital transformation that we have been working on for the last few years, and to continue to give 100% to all our operations to cover all our clients’ needs. 

Paula E. Mateos Mangas and Manuel Fernández Ordoñez 


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