Performance monitoring


Monitoring systems are becoming part of the digital transformation which is currently taking place in the industry. The monitoring of any process consists of gathering information with the objective of detecting possible anomalies or malfunctions. Current technology allows monitoring systems to observe the main magnitudes of any process, remotely and online, using communications.

The monitoring of power facilities aims to optimize the operating efficiency. To this end, the status of the instrumentation and equipment and the overall performance of the facility is monitored. By diagnosing and quantifying the performance deviations, improvement areas can be identified and potential benefits can be estimated.

The diagnosis and quantification of deviations can be carried out on a fleet of facilities, continuing with each plant, system and equipment, resulting in a qualitative diagnosis of the causes and recommendations to confirm them. This analysis can lead to short-term actions, such as the detection of equipment working improperly (open valves, tube breaks, etc.) or wrong instrumentation signals; mid-term actions for operation analysis; and long-term actions such as decisions on equipment replacement, operation strategies or even design modifications.

These monitoring systems can be installed in all types of power generation plant: combined cycle, thermal, nuclear, solar thermal, biomass, etc., always compliant with the quality standards and regulation applicable to each of them.


At Tecnatom, we have TecOS SOLCEP, an advanced system recently renewed that going beyond monitoring, compares the current plant situation with an ideal scenario according to the bounding conditions and the current degradation of equipment. TecOS SOLCEP is currently used in more than 50 power plants worldwide, bringing relevant economic benefits to our clients.

TecOS SOLCEP has been developed taking into account the latest methodologies regarding Human Factors Engineering and High-Performance Displays, Smart Interface, to transmit the information to the user in the most suitable way. It is a modern and versatile web application, compatible with the new digital environment: execution in cloud, comprehensive use of data, integration and information exchange with other applications along with the visualization on any device.

Moreover, it is a multi-lingual platform, which enables its installation in any plant around the world.

Development of our monitoring services

The development and implementation of TecOS SOLCEP is specific for the type of power generation plant where it will be installed.

Since the application is plant-specific, the degree of detail turns it into a “Digital Twin” of the state of the plant.

TecOS SOLCEP is based on the study of real operation and instrumentation data, as well as plant and equipment design documentation, for the development of the plant condition monitoring model.

The data supplied by TecOS SOLCEP provides the basis to make real-time decisions on:

  • Optimal plant operation 
  • Performance deviations (current performance versus objective performance)
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Economic and energy impacts of the identified deviations
  • Identification and location of the causes of equipment degradation

Our added value

TecOS SOLCEP has several features that make it a unique monitoring application in the market.

It is able of performing assisted diagnosis on the equipment conditions, providing qualitative results on the causes of equipment degradation and malfunctions.

This is all possible thanks to the knowledge acquired through our extensive experience in analysis on equipment degradation and malfunctions, which helps us identify the causes of a specific degradation.

It includes a steady-state simulator, what-if, focused on optimising the operation of the plant.

Certain periods can be reproduced, enabling freezing time and run again, simulating different plant conditions, modifying certain parameters and activating malfunctions to reach an accurate diagnosis in a specific scenario.

Another powerful function is the advanced data analysis, which allows scheduling predictive maintenance, knowing the condition of the equipment and validating the results provided.



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