NOMAD Project increases nuclear power plant safety

Tecnatom participates in the recently started European research project NOMAD (“Nondestructive Evaluation System for the Inspection of Operation-Induced Material Degradation in Nuclear Power Plants“). The project aims to develop a nondestructive evaluation system for nuclear power plants with the final goal of responsibly extending their period of operation. In the European Union, about 200 nuclear … Read more

RABIT 2.0 inspection system

Tecnatom has developed the new RABIT 2.0 robot-operated system for aerospace applications. This is an automatic system based on two robots capable of working independently or in tandem. This new system incorporates a new generation of greater span robots capable of inspecting complex geometries and of incorporating heavier utensil modules when the automatic module exchanger … Read more

Ultrasonic inspection system

Tecnatom’s French subsidiary Metalscan has designed an immersion tank for the performance of high and low frequency ultrasonic inspections.  This new inspection system incorporates the SONIA technology, developed by Tecnatom, capable of operating in both frequency ranges using the same Inspectview software. This tank has been designed for regular use with rods (both round and … Read more

Multi-purpose robot-operated system

Tecnatom presents its new multi-purpose robot-operated inspection system, IGA.  This is a remotely controlled omnidirectional vehicle capable of carrying probes for the performance of visual, ultrasonic (conventional and phased-array) and eddy current inspections on multiple components critical for the operation of electricity generating plants. Its versatility, small size and low weight allow IGA to adapt … Read more

Electricity generating station operating aid systems

Within the framework of a programme undertaken with the Spanish Centre for Industrial Technology Development (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial – CDTI) and the European  Regional Development Fund (FEDER), Tecnatom has carried out an innovation and development project focussing on the conceptual and functional design and experimentation of safe and efficient operating aid systems … Read more

New ETBoxPPD technology

Tecnatom has developed a new eddy current system capable of integrating with the mechanical equipment used for steam generator and condenser inspections (Pushers). This is a multi-channel, multifrequency system that may be configured from any standard Tecnatom software for any type of eddy current probe, be it conventional, rotary, far-field or array. One of the … Read more

Tecnatom signed trilateral MOU with ROSATOM-CICE&T and JSC Rusatom Service

JSC Rusatom Service, ROSATOM-CICE&T and Tecnatom(Spain) singed a trilateral Memorandum of Understanding. The companies agreed to expand their trilateral cooperation in nuclear industry in the field of nuclear education and personnel training. The purpose of this MOU is development of cooperation between the companies in terms of R&D works conduction, personnel education and training for nuclear science … Read more

Aeronautical Bulletin No 10

Particularly significant among the periodic publications made available by Tecnatom to its clients, collaborators, technicians and professionals in the sector is the Aeronautics and Space bulletin, the tenth edition of which has just been issued. This four-monthly publication includes full news on the aerospace industry, an area in which our company continues to consolidate its … Read more

Measurement of electrical conductivity and coating thickness

Tecnatom has evolved its eddy current equipment with a new system for the measurement of conductivity in metallic materials and of the thickness of non-metallic coatings.  With this tool it is possible to measure conductivities in non-ferromagnetic metallic materials simply, quickly and accurately.  Furthermore, measurements of the thickness of non-metallic coatings of inspected components may … Read more

Digital technologies and monitoring

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