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Brazil chooses Tecnatom technology for its nuclear simulators


The Brazilian Angra 2 nuclear power plant has chosen the Tesis+ data acquisition technology for the modernisation of its full-scope simulator. Tesis+ is a data acquisition interface developed by Tecnatom for applications requiring high data traffic volumes, such as the signals of a nuclear simulator.

The Angra 2 simulator, a replica of the control room at Angra 2 NPP (Brazil) has been in operation for several years. ETN, the simulator owner company, was looking for a solution for the modernisation of the interface that guaranteed minimum unavailability of the simulator – due to its being a key asset in plant operation – a minimum impact on its subsequent operation and competitive costs.

What is Tesis+?

Tesis+ is the data acquisition interface designed and commercialised by Tecnatom. It is a multi-purpose data interface especially adapted for applications involving large volumes of data, such as full-scope simulators. Since the initial version in 2001, Tecnatom has been adding functionality and adapting its product to the new standards, while maintaining its essence. It is a complete product that offers both the hardware and software and the configuration and testing utilities required for the panel instruments to interact with the simulation models and vice versa. It also offers monitored power sources for the instruments and the communications interface with the simulation models.

Tesis+ is designed to handle a large volume of data at any one time: up to some 64,000 data every 50 milliseconds. The Master is responsible for managing communications between each component of the system and the simulation models. The Master is a PC that does not require HW capacities but that incorporates a specific SW and database, both developed by Tecnatom. All communications are performed using a standard protocol: Ethernet. Furthermore, Tesis+ is independent from the modelling platform installed on the simulator.

What does Tesis+ bring to the Angra 2 simulator?

Thanks to Tesis+, the Angra 2 simulator allows for a much more efficient maintenance process. The console utilities and test tools of Tesis+ allow the simulator personnel to undertake a more efficient preventive maintenance, considerably reducing the time dedicated to the process.

With the new Tesis+ interface installed on the Angra 2 simulator, ETN is in a position to address the incorporation of new instruments and the extension of the main panels of the simulator, thereby achieving an exact replica of the nuclear power plant control room.

Furthermore, ETN has not had to modify or adapt its simulation models, since Tesis+ is an independent distributed interface that adapts to any simulation platform via a communications interface specific to each project.

Tesis+ is a consolidated tool that Tecnatom has implemented on all its full-scope simulators, and constitutes a good alternative to overcome the problems of obsolescence and maintenance suffered by  many simulators in the world’s nuclear fleet.


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