Cofrentes Nuclear Power plant simulatior update
Las instalaciones y centrales nucleares se diseñan, construyen y operan con los máximos niveles de seguridad y desde unos estándares de calidad estrictos. Por lo tanto, se encuentran entre las instalaciones más seguras del mundo tanto desde un punto de vista físico como tecnológico. La seguridad nuclear tiene como objetivo minimizar la probabilidad de que ... Read more


Partnership with ADEX. Tecnatom will provide new solutions for fossil generation.
Tecnatom joins ADEX, an innovative software company that has developed a disruptive control technology for power plants. As partners, Tecnatom will offer the Next Generation Platform of the ADEX Self-tuning AI to its customers’ Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power plants in Latam, and Middle East The increasingly competitive energy market demands to make a great ... Read more


Support for the renewable integrated control center
Control rooms are essential for the safety and correct operation of any electric power plant. They monitor and analyze everything related to the process, detect incidents that occur during generation and take the necessary actions in accordance with operating procedures. It happens that, unlike conventional generation plants such as thermal or nuclear power plants, in ... Read more


Integrated control centers – optimizing asset operation efficiency
What are Integrated control centers? The solution traditionally used to operate geographically dispersed power plants is to have an independent control center located at the site of each facility. This solution has major limitations in terms of taking advantage of the synergies related to the operation of the different facilities. An evolution of the traditional ... Read more

Oil & Gas

What is a diesel electricity generating plant?
It is a facility made up of a set of alternators coupled in parallel to an electrical system and driven by a set of diesel engines running on a liquid or gaseous fossil fuel. In diesel engines, the fuel is injected into the mass of air that has been compressed by the upward movement of ... Read more


Success in the development of Air Navigation simulators
“Success involving projects of such difficulty, could not be achieved without the level of knowledge and experience that we have at Tecnatom”. We talked with Rubén Jimeno Morón, project manager for the development of SIMENA, a pioneering training simulator developed by Tecnatom for ENAIRE. We take advantage of his experience and to find out a little ... Read more

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