Turbine: TDISC inspection system for low pressure rotor discs

Business framework

TDISC is an ultrasonic inspection system of discs, slots and rotor socket zones from the surface of the disc. A series of auxiliary equipment is also used (rack, turning gear, etc.) to support and rotate the rotors.

Description of product

TDISCThe TDISC system consists of the following subsets:

  • Mechanical equipment which provides the 7 movement axes which are necessary for developing inspection trajectories over both faces of LP rotor discs. In turn, the handler consists of:
    • The main structure, which is displaced along a rail parallel to the rotor axis and which permits the inspection of any of the discs.
    • Inspection arms, mounted on the structure, incorporating pivoting movements, and which are placed on both sides of the rotor discs.
    • Probe-carrier sets which are displaced along each arm and which carry the ultrasonic probes.
  • Turning rollers with hydraulic drives which provide the rotation to the turbine axis. The speed and position of the turning gear are controlled by the same system as the mechanical equipment.
  • SIROCO INSIDE controller, which provides the control and programming capabilities for the seven motorised axes of the handler and for the rotation of the turning gear. It permits the programming of sequential inspection trajectories. It also incorporates monitoring functions for other parameters of the system (engine consumption, alarm signals, logical protection programming, etc).
  • MIDAS ultrasonic data acquisition and evaluation system. It is capable of simultaneous acquisition over 8 channels, using Pulse-echo acquisition technology.
  • MASERA ultrasonic data evaluation system. Data analysis application which incorporates advanced tools for the geometric representation of the component to be inspected, etc.

Technical characteristics

  • Detection, sizing and characterisation of all kinds of flaw on turbine discs.
  • Configurable system which permits the inspection of various kinds of design of LP rotor discs.


  • UT inspection of the socket zones of LP rotor discs from the external surface of the disc

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