Turbine: SIRENA inspection system for blade sockets in solid forged rotors

Business framework

SIRENA is UT-ARRAY inspection system for blade sockets in the initial stages of high precision rotors.

Description of product

SirenaThe SIRENA system consists of the following subsets:

  • Mechanical equipment, consisting of a axial propulsion bed plate axial, an inspection module and a set of handling poles.
    • The axial propulsion bed plate consists of a structure which is fixed to the flange of the rotor and which provides a linear scan run for the inspection module, which allows it to pass along the central screw hole.
    • Inspection module for blade sockets. This allows the UT-Array inspection of the area where the blades join the HP rotor, with no need for the blades to be dismounted.
    • Handling poles. These are installed on the axial propulsion bed plate and they transmit the advance movement to the module to send it along the central screw hole.
  • SIROCO INSIDE controller which provides the control and programming capabilities for the motorised axes. It also includes monitoring functions for other parameters of the system (engine consumption, alarm signals, logical protection programming, etc).
  • Commercial UT-array system with specific electronics.

Technical characteristics


  • Examination of the blade sockets from the central screw hole. Alternative procedure to the traditional procedure, avoiding the dismantling and destruction of blades.


  • UT and EC inspection of solid forged rotors from the central screw hole
  • Visual inspection of the central screw hole of solid forged rotors
  • UT-ARRAY inspection of the areas of the blade sockets from the central screw hole

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