TEDDY-3D: Application for the evaluation of eddy current data with rotating coils

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Business framework

Application for the analysis of eddy current data from inspections performed using rotating coils.

Description of product

TEDDY-3DThree-dimensional analysis application for the analysis of signals from rotating coil inspections. The objective of the application is to display the signals in three dimensions and allow defects to be characterized on the basis of 3D and C-Scan type displays. For this purpose, it is equipped with a series of functions facilitating the operations, such as:

  • automatic sheet detection
  • signal filtering
  • positioning of thresholds for crack detection
  • tools for automatic defect detection and characterization
  • measuring cursors and tools
  • and automatic reports generation

Associated products: TEDDY-EVA, TEDDY-EVACC, TEDDY-RES

Technical characteristics


  • Automatic crack mapping
  • Different 3D display options: mesh mode, solid mode, volt calibration colour mode, possibility for C-Scan projection and geometric view of the part inspected
  • Pulse channel detection, with either square or sine pulses
  • Calibration of axial axis by means of marks, pulses or the information provided by an encoder
  • Z-Scan type displays
  • Verification of data quality
  • Definition of types of indications for automatic indication reporting


Inspection of Steam Generator tubes
Inspection of fuel rods
Inspection of Heat Exchanger tubes
Inspection of threaded areas

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