Steam Generators: TESGI inspection system for tubes

Business framework

TESGI is an eddy current inspection system geared towards the control of the integrity of VVER steam generator tubes and the base material between the collector tubes (ligaments).

Description of product

TesgiThe TESGI system includes the following subsets:

  • Mechanical handler, designed for 440 and 1000 reactor collectors and consisting of:
    • Light structure, which is introduced into the collector and which is fixed to the manhole. It contains two motorised axes (row and column) for the positioning of the inspection probe in each one of the tubes.
    • Servo-controlled main impulses for the introduction and extraction of the probe.
    • Two interchangeable inspection modules, the MBC which is used for the inspection of the tubular beam, and the MBR for the inspection of the collector by means of a rotating coil.

The MBC incorporates a pneumatic auxiliary impeller to obtain additional thrust when necessary (ovals, boron deposits, small curvatures), together with the calibration tube.

The MBR consists of an axial axis and the coil itself, which includes a rotation axis for the head.o Remote audio and video system.

  • SIROCO-INSIDE controller for the mechanical equipment, which permits the exact control of all the axes and actuators, providing information on all the important parameters of the equipment.
  • TEDDY eddy current data acquisition and evaluation system.
  • SIRIO database for storing data and the historical records of the state of the tubes throughout their useful life.
  • Both circular and rotating eddy current probes adapted to the diameter and geometry of the tubes.

Technical characteristics


  • Detection, characterisation and sizing of any kind of flaw in the tubes and ligaments of the collector
  • Automatic exact positioning at the inlets of all the collector tubes
  • High speed (2 m/s) introduction of the inspection probe in the tubes
  • Special long-life rotating coil module
  • Integrated control and display of all the parameters of the system, using a single operation screen
  • Adaptable to be used with other inspection and repair tools


Eddy current inspection of the tubular beam and base material of the collector of VVER steam generators. It can also be used for the use of other inspection and/or repair tools from the interior of the collector.

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