PWR Steam Generators: Inspection of tubes

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Description of service

Generadores de Vapor PWR: Inspección de tubosDetection, characterization and dimensioning, loss of tube wall thickness, erosion, cracking, corrosion, loose parts, sludge, performance of profilometry measurements, with a view to increasing the safety and availability of the component.
This inspection is performed using multifrequency, digital, robot-operated, remote control equipment.

Equipment or technologies used

A robot-operated manipulator is used, along with a probe push-puller that allows an eddy current probe to be inserted in each steam generator tube, while the Teddy acquisition equipment takes samples of the impedance variation generated by the probe.

Technical characteristics

The digital multi-probe, multi-parameter eddy current equipment, linked to the data acquisition and manipulator and probe push-puller programs, allows for the simultaneous acquisition of several tubes, along with their automatic and manual assessment in real time.


The main application is to ensure the integrity of the tube bundle in pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant steam generators.

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