Optimization of processes, equipment and systems

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Description of the service

optimizacionThe optimization of processes, equipment and systems may be achieved through the following:
Process Simulation:

  • Modeling with Fluid-Dynamic Codes (FDC), including the modeling of boilers and combustion processes, as well as any system for:
    • Optimization of the combustion process in order to reduce emissions
    • Optimization of flow and emission measuring equipment location
    • Systems Simulation:
    • Study of possible design modifications (air-gas ducts, boiler – furnace, heat exchangers, control, etc.)
    • Performance of transient tests
    • Optimization of operation procedures
  • Component efficiency measurement:
    • Prediction of fouling
    • Leak assessment
    • ST Performance Improvement studies
  • Studies of feasibilities and alternatives, including analysis of possible pollution reduction techniques.

Equipment or technologies used


Process Simulation:
CINAR-ICE code, developed by the British company CINAR Ltd. for CFD simulation of boiler performance.·
ANSYS and FLOTRAN codes, for the calculation of energy balance, mass balance, heat transfer studies and the analysis of emissions.
Efficiency Measurement:
SOMIT system, for the measurement of steam rate, through the evaluation of low pressure turbine thermodynamic conditions, with an accuracy of + 0.5

Technical characteristics

Knowledge and experience of the processes
Widely varying capabilities allowing an integrated service to be provided for the resolution of complex problems.


Fossil power plants
Combined Cycle plants
Petrochemical plants
Cement factories

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