ITER Project: Supply of Vacuum Vessel inspection equipment

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TECNATOM is participating once again in the ITER project with the supply of inspection equipment for the welds of the vacuum vessel, the toroidal vessel in which is confined the deuterium-tritium plasma intervening in nuclear fusion. This complicated component is in the final design phase and a full-scale mock-up has been manufactured at the Ansaldo facilities (Italy) with a view to performing optimisation of the welding processes, the definition of inspection procedures and acceptance standards, etc.


The contract corresponds to the first phase of the proposal, which consists of supplying and fine tuning an automatic ultrasonic inspection system for the welds joining the different sections of this unique vessel. The probes are required to move along revolving surfaces and also surfaces having complex geometries, as a result of which their correct coupling has to be ensured. A section of the mock-up (corresponding to some 20º of half the vessel and weighing 33 tons) will be transported to the TECNATOM installations for the performance of these activities.

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