WiiPa: Wireless Positioning Technology


TECNATOM and FADA-CATEC have inaugurated a line of technological collaboration aimed at improving mechanical inspection systems, replacing them with wireless positioning equipment.  The most recent example of this collaboration is the WiiPa project, which completely replaces interaction with any mechanical equipment for different manual UT or ET inspections with highly competitive accuracies and positive characteristics in the different processes of manufacturing facilities.

The main advantage of this system is the elimination of the mechanical equipment required for inspections, this reducing costs and extending the range of components for inspection.  The design of the equipment is centred on the technique of capturing movement by means of infra-red cameras.  The system is based on triangulation in the work space, this removing the geometric inspection limitations of certain parts, since the position acquisition equipment may be located specifically for each part, thus increasing efficiency and overcoming the geometric limitations that affect other technologies.

With this new system Tecnatom brings innovative capabilities to a number of sectors, since this wireless positioning system may be used in all types of applications in which accurate positioning is required, without the need f0r mechanical manipulators.


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