Updating of the Atucha II Simulator

The Atucha II nuclear power plant, in Argentina, has undertaken the updating of the plant’s full-scope simulator. In this respect, several engineers from the Tecnatom simulation department have implemented maintenance load number 7, subsequently performing the corresponding acceptance tests, with satisfactory results. With this latest update, the simulator is now configured in accordance with the actual status of this Argentinean nuclear power plant as of December 2017.

The work was carried out within the framework of the contract obtained by Tecnatom in 2016 for the
performance of the maintenance and technical assistance service for the plant’s full-scope simulator and interactive graphic simulator of the main and emergency control rooms.

The objective of this contract is to maintain the physical and functional fidelity of the simulator with respect to the reference plant through compliance with the criteria and requirements established by ANSI/ANS-3.5, the international standard for the operation and maintenance of simulators.

This simulator was supplied by Tecnatom and developed by a joint Tecnatom – NASA team. Since its delivery in 2013 it has been used within the framework of the operator training plans and was also part of the plant start-up process.


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