Training simulator supplied by Tecnatom

The company EDF Energy has already begun to use the training simulator supplied by Tecnatom for the West Burton ‘A’ Thermal Power Station, located in Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom.

This replica simulator is highly realistic and has a behavior that emulates plant processes thanks to the technology used. The plant’s logics and controls are represented and integrated thanks to the Tecnatom simulation tools, in addition to thermo-hydraulics simulation technology. These features make the simulator not only a very good training tool but also an excellent means for analyzing plant engineering.

This simulator provides high-quality, realistic training to plant employees, thus improving operational standards and employee performance. The use of simulation technologies contributes greatly to safe and efficient plant operation, and Tecnatom, in recent years, has supplied this type of technology to numerous industrial sectors ranging from nuclear plants to fossil fuel plants, as well as to aerospace and renewable energy facilities.


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