Training for Nuclear Instructors in China

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Safety is the fundamental pillar of the nuclear industry — a pillar atop which the operation of all nuclear power plants in the world rests. With that in mind, appropriate training of the operations staff at plants is one of the industry’s most valued assets.

As one of Tecnatom’s strategic business lines, nuclear training has been present in our company since its origins, and we currently have more than 100 instructors capable of training operations staff on any reactor technology at the global level.

One of our most recent projects was to train and certify a group of instructors at the Chinese Guohe Nuclear Power Plant. This plant, which will have six nuclear reactors with a Chinese CAP-1400 design, is currently under construction and planned to start operations in the year 2025. Under this contract, Tecnatom trained future Chinese instructors in different training environments – both in the classroom and in the simulator, where their methodological and psycho-pedagogical abilities were assessed.

The Chinese nuclear program is of great strategic importance for our company, as this is the most ambitious international nuclear program. This project is one of the many that we have undertaken in recent years in said Asian country, in addition to the supply of control rooms and simulators, inspection systems technology transference, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services, and the sale of nuclear fuel equipment.


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