The simulator for Angra I (Brazil) passes its FAT tests

N1 Simulador

The factory acceptance testing (FAT) of the full-scope simulator for the Angra I nuclear power plant (Brazil) was completed satisfactorily on May 14th last.  The contract for this project also includes a plant control room replica simulator and a Glasstop type simulator.  The tests were carried out at the Tecnatom facilities in San Sebastián de los Reyes by a combined team of Eletronuclear and Tecnatom engineers.The project for the supply of this full-scope simulator began in February 2012 and has been carried out in accordance with the schedule mapped out and using in-house Tecnatom technology, such as the Team_Suite modelling suite, the TESIS+ signal inputs-outputs system and the Team_Sketch graphic interface.  These tools have already been used in the development and supply of several other full-scope simulators, as well as in the updating of the different simulators of the Spanish nuclear fleet.

The simulator, the most recent to be developed by Tecnatom, incorporates the TRAC_RT thermohydraulic code for the real-time modelling of BOP systems, this constituting a new step forward in simulator development.  Similarly, new tools have also been incorporated allowing for the automatic updating of neutron models in accordance with the codes used by plant engineering.  This feature will allow the simulator to accurately reproduce different fuel cycles in the future.

Having passed the milestone of FAT testing, the Angra simulator will be disassembled and transported to its definitive location, the Eletronuclear training centre in Mambucaba, Brazil.  The final acceptance tests are scheduled for the end of July 2014.


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