The CSN and Tecnatom collaborate in the field of nuclear safety

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The Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) and Tecnatom have signed an agreement to extend their participation in the international “Code Applications and Maintenance Program (CAMP)” initiative.

One of the functions of the CSN is to set up and monitor plans for research into nuclear safety and radiological protection. With this aim in mind, the CSN and the US nuclear regulatory authority (NRC) signed a bilateral agreement regarding participation in the CAMP program, the fundamental objective of which is the verification and validation of thermohydraulic codes developed and maintained by the NRC.

Tecnatom, a leader in Nuclear Simulation

Tecnatom is an international leader in nuclear simulation, having supplied numerous full-scope simulators for nuclear power plants in Spain, China, Brazil and Argentina, among other countries. With more than 60 years of experience in the field, we have developed our own in-house thermohydraulic models, this allowing us to provide support for the CSN in activities relating to nuclear safety.


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