TecOS PROCEED: Reinforces the power of data in the performance of work using dynamic instructions

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Within the framework of the transformation of work processes in the operation and maintenance of energy assets, Dynamic Instructions solutions stand out as a key element in digital transformation. The advantages provided by these solutions in the digitalization of operations in the field are many, taking work performance to a new level of safety and efficiency. However, the key element that revolutionises works management is the power of data.

As enablers for the digital transformation of the power industry, new technologies make a massive volume of data available that, even though previously existing in traditional processes, were not easily exploitable.

TecOS PROCEED, our solution for dynamic work instructions, allows to automatically record a multitude of asset O&M data (from the times associated with work performance to all those input by the operator in while the execution of the instructions).

And what for?

The transformation of data into valuable information significantly improves works management, facilitating performance in key areas:

  • Planning: optimising task scheduling
  • Training: proper and timely workforce training
  • Operation: total control and optimisation of work execution
  • Quality: supervising compliance with requirements in task execution
  • IT: total control over the use of the devices and applied information
  • Maintenance: supervision and optimisation of the condition and maintenance of the facility’s equipment
  • On-going improvement: monitoring of reported items and quality of the operators’ work instructions


By using decision-making support Dashboards with valuable information. Tecnatom applies all its know-how related to the operation and maintenance of energy assets and the user experience in order for each involved profile has available the suitable interface for its daily work, providing immediate access to the processed valuable information and facilitating the identification of deviations.

Workforce analytics using TecOS PROCEED increases levels of organisational efficiency and  the optimisation of works at the facilities, contributing to the growth of a new digital culture.

Author:  Irene Ramírez


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