Tecnatom working with Lockheed Martin

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The US Company Lockheed Martin Corporation, a major supplier in the defence sector at world level, has awarded Tecnatom a contract for the supply of an automatic inspection system.

TAURUS twin robot inspection system

The scope of the project consists specifically of a TAURUS twin robot inspection system for the modernisation of the company’s plant at Fort Worth (Texas, USA). Lockheed Martin will use this system to increase versatility and productivity for the ultrasonic inspection of various structural components, in particular those of the F-35 aircraft.

This award has been achieved in collaboration with our partner  Innerspec Technologies, which distributes our portfolio of products on the American aerospace market.


Our TAURUS robot-operated system has been widely supplied across Europe and Asia since 2010, with more than 40 references among leading manufacturers of aerospace material. This new award constitutes an important reference on the US market and an important step in our position as a technology supplier to the military sector.

A long track record in supplies

Our international references have been of key importance in relation to this award. Special mention might be made of our long and active track record in supplies for the F-35 programme (Leonardo in Italy, IAI in Israel and TAI in Turkey), of our frequent supplies of SONIA instruments to  Northrop Grumman in the USA (an ally of Lockheed Martin in the development of the F-35 programme), of the supply of robot-operated systems to the Spanish Air Force for maintenance of the F-18, and of our participation in the international group of countries and armed forces owning this aircraft and involved in this activity (among others the USA and Spain).


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