Tecnatom will carry out a detailed revision of the design of the Control Room at Atucha I NPP

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N01 Atucha

Atucha I Nuclear Power Plant is performing a Periodic Safety Review (PSR) of its installations.  Pursuant to the requirements of the Argentinean Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN), this PSR includes the revision of the Human Factors Engineering (HFE) of the plant control room.

Nucleoeléctrica Argentina S.A. (NASA), the company owning Atucha I nuclear power plant, has awarded Tecnatom the project for the detailed revision of the design of the control room of the facility.  This project consists of verifying the HFE of all the components of the control room Man-Machine Interface (MMI).  The verification includes the panels and consoles of the main operating area, the operators’ workstations, components of the operating panels, components of the operating consoles, components of the operating-aid software system and maintenance tasks on the rear panels.

The technical scope of this project includes the drawing up of a procedure for verification of the different components, the performance of this verification and support for the nuclear power plant in solving whatever discrepancies might arise.  The methodology and performance of the work are based on application of the international HFE standards.

Atucha I was the first nuclear power plant to be built in Latin America, and entered operation in 1974.  It is a PHWR (pressurised heavy water reactor) type facility with a power level of 1,179 MWt.


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