Tecnatom USA, our new subsidiary

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N1 TECNATOMUSA Tecnatom USA, the new Tecnatom Group subsidiary, has recently come into being as a further step towards 0ur strategic goal of internationalisation.  The company brings the corporate personality and innovation that characterises our subsidiaries and will be the reference for our activities on the demanding American market and in other countries in its area of influence.  The company will also serve as an operational and administrative base for the Group’s activities in the United States.

The primary objective of Tecnatom USA is to render a wide range of engineering and technical support services to the electricity industry, in particular to nuclear power plants.  These include activities such as consultancy, training, simulation, inspection technologies, maintenance, safety, radiological protection and the quality control of products and equipment.

Thanks to our technological independence, this new subsidiary will also be able to supply equipment developed in accordance with the specific needs of the clients, providing a customised service and ensuring maximum added value in our services.


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