Tecnatom participates in Nuclear Industry China 2014

N8 CHINAThis year Nuclear Industry China celebrated its thirteenth edition in Beijing from April 15th to 18th.  Tecnatom was present with a stand in the joint pavilion of the Spanish Nuclear Industry, which has been consolidating its presence at the event since 2005.  The Fair attracted almost 2,200 exhibiters from China, Great Britain, France, Germany, the United States, Austria, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Spain and Canada.

China is currently one of the countries that show the most promising perspectives in the nuclear sector, with a total 17 nuclear power plants currently in commercial operation, with a joint capacity of 14.74 GW, and 27 plants under construction amounting to a capacity of 29 GW.  The target for 2020 is to have a nuclear generating capacity of 58GW with a further 30GW under construction.  Mention may be made of the important presence of Chinese nuclear companies with Generation III (AP-1000, CAP-1400, ACPR/ACP-1000 and the 100 MW ACP SMR (Small Modular Reactor) reactors in their portfolios.

Different meetings have been held within the framework of this event with companies belonging to the major corporations CGN and CNNC, and a significant framework cooperation agreement has been signed with CPI Nuclear Power Company (CPIN) in the areas of inspection, simulation, training, human factors engineering and operational support.  The event also saw the signing of a MoU between CPIN and SNGC Spanish Group for Cooperation, to which Tecnatom belongs.

CPI is one of the major corporations licensed to construct nuclear power plants in China.  As of the end of 2013, CPI had 4,530 MW under construction and 2,080 MW in operation.


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