Tecnatom joins the solidarity pantry of San Sebastian de los Reyes

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The City Council of San Sebastian de los Reyes activated on March 7 the humanitarian aid campaign for refugees and those affected by the conflict in Ukraine through the Municipal Solidarity Pantry.

From Tecnatom we have made ourselves available to the City Council to be part of this initiative, which will not only be restricted to help for Ukraine, in the future, the pantry will be activated in order to help those causes that need it.

The Mayor of San Sebastián de los Reyes, Narciso Romero, has declared “From the Government of San Sebastián de los Reyes we want to continue appealing to the solidarity, that our city has already demonstrated previously in the most difficult moments, in order to continue helping people who are in need of an urgent response from everyone, neighbors, institutions and associations in the face of this terrible conflict in the heart of Europe”.

From Tecnatom, we have always been committed to social causes and our workers have demonstrated a broad commitment to those most in need in the worst moments. Once again, we want to be part of our municipality as an active part of it.


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