Tecnatom collaborates with United Nations

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Tecnatom is providing its skills and experience to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). In collaboration with the company ICC, we are currently undertaking three projects in Ecuador.

These projects consist of the technical and operational assessment of three hydrocarbon power plants run by EP Petroecuador, the Public Ecuadorian Hydrocarbon Company. These projects will take place in the Monteverde port, the natural gas liquefaction plant in Bajo Alto and the Esmeraldas refinery.

The technical assessment, in general terms, includes the analysing of project development, ensuring that they are all adhering to the technical specifications, the industry costs and the international technical and financial standards. The current status of the projects also needs to be determined, and if necessary, the measures must be taken to make sure they are up to international standards along with the estimation of the corresponding costs.

Historically, Tecnatom has always taken part in a range of international programmes, with our 60 years of energy sector experience meaning we can add substantial value, hand in hand with the other countries involved in these projects.


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