Tecnatom certifies its ultrasonic equipment in the United States

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Tecnatom certifies its ultrasonic equipment in the United StatesTecnatom continues to make headway in the introduction of its ultrasonic products on the American market and in strengthening its technology alliance with the company MariettaNDT (MNDT), located in Georgia.

Recently, GE Aviation and NORDAMhave certified the AG-2 inspection system by MNDT, which includes SONIA electronics and the InspectView software, both by Tecnatom. In addition to allowing for the rendering of services to these two companies, this will provide a platform for the demonstration of our ultrasonic products in the United States. The qualification of this system with other clients, such as Boeing andGulfstream, is foreseen in the near future.

In addition, the coming months will see the installation at MNDTof our RABIT robot-operated demonstration system, which to date has been in use at Tecnatom headquarters for both the validation of ultrasonic hardware and software and techniques and for demonstrations, in many cases on client parts.  In this way we aim to boost the introduction of our TAURUS robot-based inspection systems on the American market. Technicians from the two companies have already begun to collaborate in the preparation of all the activities prior to the transfer of the system, which will take place this summer.

We trust that RABITand its advanced functionalities will be as highly appreciated on the American market, as they have been to date in Europe and Asia.



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