Tecnatom and the new RITA system

Tecnatom has developed a new automatic system to carry out internal inspections on tanks without having to drain them. The new RITA system has already been tested in the Vandellós nuclear power station to inspect the JET01A fuel-oil tank

This new inspection system is highly valued, as it is currently necessary to drain and clean tanks before inspecting them, meaning that both high financial and time costs are incurred. With the RITA robot the whole process is reduced and simplified, providing an improved service that is better suited to the customers’ needs.

Further developments are currently being made to optimize RITA’s performance on more specific fuel-oil tank tasks, as well as to enable its operation in tanks containing other substances. A new campaign is set to be launched next month in the Ascó nuclear plant.

This new equipment is part of Tecnatom’s commitment of technological development with the aim of offering our clients the latest solutions to optimize their processes and improve the efficiency of their plants.


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